2012 Lenten Devotional Calendar and other resources

Lent is a season in which we practice giving up something important in order to refocus our lives on God.  By fasting from certain things, we practice dying to ourselves.  And by refocusing our lives, living to God, we intentionally choose things that help us become the kind of people God desires us to be.  This calendar suggests daily practices for fasting-from and living-to during the Lenten season.  It is suitable for both adults and children.  (Adapted from the Mars Hill 2012 Lenten Calendar and other resources.)

Lenten Calendar 2012

My friend Ariel Ertsgaard, a youth and family minister, has a reflection on Lent and some tips for experiencing Lent with children.

Doctor Chuck DeGroat, a psychologist and pastor, has a reflection on lamentation–mourning, weeping, crying out to God–that I found very thought-provoking in this Lenten season.  From Kleenex Theology to Messy Spirituality: The Biblical Invitation to Honest Lament.

Walter Brueggemann, a great modern theologian, speaks on a similar note about pain and art and being honest with God and one another in Schooled In Denial. (Note that this is part of a longer video; the link is to a clip from it which is available for free.)


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