From the cutting room floor

Here’s a paragraph that got cut from my sermon (referencing 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16):

There’s a problem with building houses for God, churches and temples, no matter how useful they are.  Buildings stay in one place.  They don’t move.  It’s easy to see that God is there, in them, but if you always think of God as living in the church building it’s pretty easy to miss the ways God is moving among us.  For the first few generations in the Promised Land, the ark of the covenant moved around from place to place.  It was obvious to everyone that all the land was God’s, and they were God’s people.  They could see God working among them.  Permanent buildings are more useful and grander than a tent, but they can also be limiting.  God is in the church, yes, as God was in the tent and the tabernacle, and in the temple that Solomon eventually built.  But God is also out in the world, in homes and businesses and schools and fields and mountains and valleys.  Most of all, God lives in people.  God lives in us.  God works through us.  God cares for us.  God takes care of us.  Not just on Sunday mornings when we gather here, but every day of the week in all the places where we go.


One thought on “From the cutting room floor

  1. Isn’t preaching wonderful? In addition to finding things that fit the theme of the current sermon, you find things to put in you file for later use! I’m very impressed!

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